Droid X CrapWare

It is extremely frustrating that they has preloaded things like the BlockBuster app, Amazon MP3 app and City ID (which displays the city of a incoming call and bugs you to subscribe for $1.99 a month WTF?). What is even worse about these applications is they run by themselves in the background even if you kill the app it still runs itself. CrapWare has been extremely frustrating on PC’s but they are fairly easy to uninstall. Not true with Droid X CrapWare unless you can get root access you can not remove this software. I do not know about anybody else but this makes me feel like not doing business with BlockBuster, Amazon, City ID, Motorola or even Verizon!


Droid X vs iPhone

Goodbye iPhone deactivated the iPhone 3g (the last update 4.01 slowed it way down). Now I have a new Droid X on Verizon I am not use to a phone that works. The Droid is no iPhone setting it up and managing it with a Mac is a real pain. A bit easier if you are using a 32 bit version of Windows (which I am not) it is taking a bit to get use to. The OS is defiantly not as intuitive as the iPhone. I really hate the exclusivity agreement between Apple and ATT.

For some reason Tasks and Notes have been omitted from Exchange sync have no idea why ?

Bottom line if you do not care about dropped, missed calls and poor reception the iPhone is the answer but if you need the phone to work the Droid X is a livable answer it may be better in v2.2.

Droid X

Got the new Droid X today so far it does much better at the complicated things that ATT and the iPhone could not like make phone calls.

Welcome to the New Technical Blog for DERISCO Inc

I will be using this site to post experiences and solutions I have found for problems.

iPhone OS 4.01

Got the iPhone OS 4.01update all it did was prove what shitty service ATT has. I went from 4 bars to 1 to two bars at least now I know why I have more dropped calls in more places.